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A book full of mystery's

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

The last time the peacocks disappeared Cassie found them sitting on a coiled hose behind the fire station, and dad called her 'Cassie Anderson Peacock Detective'.

A couple of peacocks called Virginia and William Shakespeare. go missing at the start of Autumn and Casandra Anderson is on her way and tries to find the pesky peacocks. But her dad has started to go to the clinic and buying old ornaments. Her sister Diana is now 14-turning-15, and is a Buddhist. She is sleeping outside and meditates and talks to her friend Tom Golding. Her mum has moved out to the apartment for her job at the Very Nice Restaurant. Her mum and a worker at the restaurant Roger are friends. Diana has moved to Tom's house and is telling her to move to her mum's apartment and her grandpa is in hospital and she is not allowed to see her grandpa. What should Cassie do stay or move? should she go in the hospital room anyway or stay outside? Samar

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