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A nail-biter witch will keep you up all night

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

An amazing and awesome story of how to survive on a desert island by Jenny Oldfield

Dolphin Island is a genre of Action and Adventure, mystery, and animals. this is a beautiful book of the Fisher family being stranded on an unknown Island. They have a special bond between some dolphins; their names are Stormy, Perl, and Jazz. The dad breaks 1 rib. Shipwrecked off a tropical island, Alfie Fluer and Mia are guided to safety by a small pod of friendly dolphins. When I read the blurb on the back I was really hooked. The blurb said,"Can the kids’ special bond with the dolphins help them survive." I really felt like reading more. It's a very good book which I really enjoyed and I think you will as well. And to finish off here is a little bit of a Sneak peek! but the Island is far from anyway and is shaken by violent Electrical storms. Can the family and the dolphins work together to survive on dolphin island.



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