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A story of friendship courage and a little bit of crime!

Sometimes to help a friend you have to dig deep!

Girl underground By Morris Gelitzman

hello fellow readers hope your participating in the Premiers Reading challenge if you are then here’s a book wich you are looking for this is a year 6-9 in the Premiers Reading Challenge. this is a story of a crim kid called Bridget and a ministers son called Menzies. They go on a mission together to free a family of refugees one who got kicked in the hip by a pirate and a little sister with a hurting tooth. Bridget’s dad is a criminal and buys things in a cheaper price.

Her mum is an ordinary mother and her brother Gavin is in Gail for steeling a cuckoo clock. And well Bridget wants to have a quiet life. Including, if possible, keeping her parents out of prison.

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