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Dessert time is the best time!

Updated: Apr 24

Daisy’s desserts is opening in October for you and your love of baking!

For Emme baked with love BY LAURA DOWER

is an amazing book and not many pictures this is a read for 9 year olds and up if you want a book for an easy read read dessert diaryies as this the first book (for Emme baked with love) this is a book that is to mix one worried girl and tow worried parents. Combine mixture with a possibly enchanted bakery and a maybe-magical baker called daisy. For best results a generous dose of baked love and stir. Sixth-grader Emme is Always trying to keep the peace. But when her parents to decide to split, and her BFFs get in a major fight, Emme starts to find that she is caught up in a crossfire. Can the opening of a new bakery find peace again?



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