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The Book To Tell You Whats Right!

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

green peas is our name, no activist is to small, no prank is to big ...
and pranking is our game! And things are about to get personal By Nat Amoore!

This is a book about adults who aren't listening to kids. And a three of them might have the might to make things right! the three of them is a bound of mischief. A quick summarise of the book is...Casey Wu and her family are hokkien and the mum passed away when Casey was little. And when she was 4 her dad found her painting her hair blue because she wanted to be like her mum! it was so funny to read that she wanted to be like her mum! she was so special to her. one day the evil mayor tried to nock down her mums tree and build it in to stinking apartments which no one can afford can the team help save Caseys' mums tree? To end the blog I would like to read you the blurb... A symphony of alarm clocks at assembly? yep that was us, a stamped of guinea pigs? its our next agenda. but for me, Cookie, and Zeke, it's about more than just fun.were determent to make a difference. And when the adults won't listen, us kids will have to find a way to be herd-- as long as we stay out of detention!


P.S:some of the wording has been copied out the book.


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