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Tip never ever pick up a million dollars in your backyard!!!!!!

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

A tale about two best friends Tess and Toby who find a million dollars in there backyard a classic of Nat Amoore

What would you do with a ward of cash? well this is what Tess Heklestone did with it after a criminal "gave it" to her. She gave a home less lady in a park called Cooky Cathy a home! And gave her sister a diabetic attack!?! by throwing a party for her school and donated around 3 thousand dollars to the children hospital. And gave away all of the money to end up as broke as all of us.

This is the blurb... the hilarious story of one bag of cash, two best friends and a whole lot of trouble. Finding a million dollars in your backyard - every kid's dream, right? That's what me and my best friend Toby thought too.



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